elective course options:

HTH 380 Health Communication: The course will provide an introduction to health communication theory, research and practice. Students will learn how to design, communicate and evaluate effective health promotion messages.   Pre/Co-requisite: HTH 351 (3 credit)

 HTH 422 Public Health and Healthcare Policy: This course will provide a framework for understanding and analyzing a range of health policy issues such as accessibility, cost and quality of healthcare; disaster preparedness; the safety of our food, water, environment and medications; and the right to make individual decisions about our personal health. The course will explore the U.S. policy-making system, civic engagement, the essential issues in health policy and how health polices impact the work of health professionals. Prerequisites: HTH 231 and HTH 354 (3 credit)

IPE 490-0001 Special Topics in Health and Human Services. Topic: Iss & app of family care giving (1 credit)

ISAT477 Complex systems and how they fail. It is truly an inter-disciplinary course that has proven to be of interest and value to a variety of students across all colleges of the university.  In fact, the most exciting and fruitful semesters have been those when I had a wide variety of majors and career interests in the room.  Because of the broad areas we explore – systems thinking, formal organizations, decision-making, risk, communication, innovation, public policy, leadership – and the case study settings we analyze – hospitals, municipal governments, airlines, emergency services, military units, energy companies, educational systems – students from sociology to management, psychology to intelligence analysis, geography to health sciences have benefitted from the course. (3 credits)

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