Graduate & Professional School Fair

Graduate & Professional School Fair:  Over 100 representatives are excited to meet JMU students. JMU’s own graduate programs will be represented as well.

Tuesday, September 25, 3 – 6 pm

Madison Hall, first floor

Over 100 programs representing graduate, health, medical, law, and business programs

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The James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal wants to publish your work!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:The James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal wants to publish your work!

 Who is JMURJ? JMURJ is an online academic journal dedicated to publishing JMU undergraduate research and scholarship. We accept text-based or multimedia submissions from any field of study, including yours. If you have written, designed, built, performed, or created work at JMU, send it our way!

 Why Should I Submit? We know what you’re asking: what can I get out of this? At JMURJ, we believe getting involved in undergraduate scholarship is a fruitful endeavor for any student looking to add to their résumé, build an academic network, or just have their work seen by peers and professionals around the world. If any of that sounds like something you would like to achieve, JMURJ wants to help you get there.

 How Do I Submit? Still here? Great! Submitting takes only five minutes. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, so the sooner you submit, the sooner we can publish. Check out for our submission guidelines and send your work to

 For further information, check out our website and feel free to contact us at with any concerns or questions.

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elective course options:

HTH 380 Health Communication: The course will provide an introduction to health communication theory, research and practice. Students will learn how to design, communicate and evaluate effective health promotion messages.   Pre/Co-requisite: HTH 351 (3 credit)

 HTH 422 Public Health and Healthcare Policy: This course will provide a framework for understanding and analyzing a range of health policy issues such as accessibility, cost and quality of healthcare; disaster preparedness; the safety of our food, water, environment and medications; and the right to make individual decisions about our personal health. The course will explore the U.S. policy-making system, civic engagement, the essential issues in health policy and how health polices impact the work of health professionals. Prerequisites: HTH 231 and HTH 354 (3 credit)

IPE 490-0001 Special Topics in Health and Human Services. Topic: Iss & app of family care giving (1 credit)

ISAT477 Complex systems and how they fail. It is truly an inter-disciplinary course that has proven to be of interest and value to a variety of students across all colleges of the university.  In fact, the most exciting and fruitful semesters have been those when I had a wide variety of majors and career interests in the room.  Because of the broad areas we explore – systems thinking, formal organizations, decision-making, risk, communication, innovation, public policy, leadership – and the case study settings we analyze – hospitals, municipal governments, airlines, emergency services, military units, energy companies, educational systems – students from sociology to management, psychology to intelligence analysis, geography to health sciences have benefitted from the course. (3 credits)

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Full time Physical Therapy Tech/Aide position

Please see the attachment for the full time Physical Therapy Tech/Aide position with Appalachian Physical Therapy!Aide Position form 2018

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Virginia Center for Spine & Sports Therapy open position!


FUNCTION:  To assist the clinical staff in the implementation and delivery of physical therapy services to patients in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Integral member of a team which seeks to focus on an excellent customer experience from beginning to end. Supports clinical staff and optimizes therapists’ time and attention with patients by preparing/cleaning treatment areas, equipment and materials and by performing designated tasks/procedures as directed by and under the direct supervision of a physical therapist. Occasionally supports administrative staff by providing interim office coverage, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and processing copayments at the direction of an administrative staff member.

REPORTS TO:  The Owner and/or supervising physical therapist.


  • Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and protocols.  Responsible for general cleaning and tidiness of the clinic and treatment rooms, including sanitizing of tables/equipment after each treatment and complying with regular schedule of cleaning/maintenance of specified equipment.
  • Ensures operation of gym equipment by completing general preventive maintenance requirements, following manufacturer’s instructions, troubleshooting malfunctions, and notifying supervisor for repair needs.
  • Ensure adequate laundry is clean, folded and available in gym and all treatment rooms at all times.
  • Competently facilitates efficient and effective treatment to patients in accordance with the previously established Plan of Care developed by the PT and under the direct supervision, judgment and discretion of the PT.
  • Maintains patient confidentiality and protects operations by adhering to clinic Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • Promptly completes exercise flow sheets according to the established format in the clinic.
  • Prepares patients for physical therapy treatment by welcoming, comforting, providing and/or assisting patient into physical therapy apparel, if applicable, taking vital signs.
  • Assists and supports the PT by preparing patient for treatment by assisting with positioning, equipment preparation, positioning equipment for therapist access, and equipment setting adjustments as directed by the PT.
  • Provides information to patients by answering basic questions and redirecting clinical questions to the PT.
  • Prepares heat packs or ice packs, assists patients onto exercise equipment, monitors for safety, tracks repetitions, time and/or distance, guards patient performing prescribed exercises under the direct supervision of the Physical Therapist.
  • Demonstrates proper use of equipment and performance of exercise routines under the supervision of the PT.
  • Maintains clinic supply inventory by checking clinic stock to determine inventory level, anticipate needed supplies and notifying administrator of ordering needs.
  •  Supports administrative staff by providing occasional coverage for answering phones, scheduling/rescheduling appointments, processing copayments, general filing and other miscellaneous tasks.
  • Participates in staff education, meetings, and quality improvement programs for patient care and staff development projects as directed by supervisor.
  • Demonstrates teamwork, efficient multi-tasking and self-development motivation.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Minimum of a high school diploma required but strong preference given to individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree in health sciences, exercise physiology, or pre-PT.  Prior experience in PT setting helpful and interest in health care field a must. Dynamic personality with good verbal communication skills required. Broad sports background a plus.  Ability to spontaneously demonstrate adaptive strategies in order to successfully provide exceptional customer service. The PT Technician is specifically trained for all tasks expected and specific clinic duties will be supervised under the direction of the PT.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Continuously (c); Frequently (f); Occasionally (o); Rarely (r) Lifting (f) Crouching (f) Twisting (o) Carrying (f) Squatting (f) Fine Motor Activities (c) Reaching (f) Kneeling (r) Bending Forward (f)   Pushing (o)      Crawling (r) Sitting (f) Pulling (o) Balancing (r) Standing (f) Walking (f) Climbing (r)

HAZARDS:  Subject to possible sprains, strains, shocks or burns, exposure to infectious diseases.  Duties require extensive periods of standing, walking and stooping.

Contact: Virginia Center for Spine & Sports Therapy  2820 Waterford Lake Dr. St. 103 Midlothian, VA  23112 (804) 249-8277

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elective course?

Need an elective? Several seats are still available in ANTH 315 Human Evolution this fall! In this class, you’ll learn about how we hairless bipeds with the big brains emerged from the primate family bush. You’ll explore how we fit into that bush, and meet all your ancestors, from Ardipithecus to Zinjanthropus. The class will be shifting this Fall to take a more hands-on approach, which means less class time listening to lectures and more interacting with fossil casts and other specimens, and discussing some of the thorniest issues that human evolutionary scientists are working on. Sound good? Sign up for ANTH 315 today!


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The Children’s Fitness Clinic at UVA Children’s Hospital is looking for volunteers

Want to help teach children about healthy lifestyle habits this summer? The Children’s Fitness Clinic at UVA Children’s Hospital is looking for volunteers to help with the Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) program.

When: 9:00am-10:00am Monday-Friday June 11-15 July 16-20 July 30-Aug 3 *Pick which week you would like to volunteer. You are welcome to volunteer all 3 weeks. Where: The program will be at Greene County’s Youth Development Council’s Summer Day Camp in Ruckersville, VA. 1 day Training in Charlottesville at UVA Children’s Hospital

Volunteers are needed to help the Children’s Fitness Clinic (CFC) from UVA Children’s Hospital with an outreach program in Ruckersville, VA. Volunteers will receive training to help implement an obesity prevention program in a summer day camp. The Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) program is designed to teach elementary aged children about healthy nutrition and the importance of physical activity.
Volunteers are provided with 5 hours of training from the CFC’s Outreach Coordinator and Registered Dietitian. A fun and easy to follow curriculum is provided. The volunteers will go with the clinic’s outreach coordinator into the summer day camp in Ruckersville once a day, for one hour, for a week to provide the program. At each session you will teach interesting nutrition education lessons with cool props.
If interested in volunteering please contact Anna King, Outreach Coordinator today!

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