Interested in earning a graduate degree in public health?

Tomorrow October 22, 2020 at 12:30pm EST, Mark Kittleson, Chair and Professor of Public Health with New York Medical College will be hosting a virtual meeting to answer questions about earning a graduate degree in public health. 

Register at

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University Career Center (formerly CAP)

Did you know the JMU University Career Center (formerly CAP) is still open and willing to see students for all career needs! Check out the video to hear about their name change, what they can offer and the available virtual office hours they will be hosting this semester on Thursday mornings. 

Loom video link: 

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Phi Epsilon Kappa Fall Rush

Phi Epsilon Kappa is a professional fraternity for health majors. They require students to be majors in Kinesiology, Health Sciences, Dietetics, Dance, Heath Services Administration, Athletic Training, or Sports Rec Management. They require students to either be freshmen, sophomores, or juniors. They are a group of students who focus on professional and service events. They push each other to grow both professionally and academically, which creates friendships with people in similar majors to last a lifetime. 

PEK is conducting a virtual fall rush this year and are eager to meet and get new members in their organization. More information about PEK:

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PT Tech for Virginia Center For Spine and Sports Therapy

Taking a gap year before DPT? The Virginia Center for Spine and Sports Therapy Clinic is looking for a PHYSICAL THERAPY AIDE / TECHNICIAN

CONTACT: Martin Dominguez

FUNCTION:  To assist the clinical staff in the implementation and delivery of physical therapy services to patients in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Integral member of a team which seeks to focus on an excellent customer experience from beginning to end. Supports clinical staff and optimizes therapists’ time and attention with patients by preparing/cleaning treatment areas, equipment and materials and by performing designated tasks/procedures as directed by and under the direct supervision of a physical therapist. Occasionally supports administrative staff by providing interim office coverage, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and processing copayments at the direction of an administrative staff member.

REPORTS TO:  The Owner and/or supervising physical therapist.


  • Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and protocols.  Responsible for general cleaning and tidiness of the clinic and treatment rooms, including sanitizing of tables/equipment after each treatment and complying with regular schedule of cleaning/maintenance of specified equipment.
  • Ensures operation of gym equipment by completing general preventive maintenance requirements, following manufacturer’s instructions, troubleshooting malfunctions, and notifying supervisor for repair needs.
  • Ensure adequate laundry is clean, folded and available in gym and all treatment rooms at all times.
  • Competently facilitates efficient and effective treatment to patients in accordance with the previously established Plan of Care developed by the PT and under the direct supervision, judgment and discretion of the PT.
  • Maintains patient confidentiality and protects operations by adhering to clinic Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • Promptly completes exercise flow sheets according to the established format in the clinic.
  • Prepares patients for physical therapy treatment by welcoming, comforting, providing and/or assisting patient into physical therapy apparel, if applicable, taking vital signs.
  • Assists and supports the PT by preparing patient for treatment by assisting with positioning, equipment preparation, positioning equipment for therapist access, and equipment setting adjustments as directed by the PT.
  • Provides information to patients by answering basic questions and redirecting clinical questions to the PT.
  • Prepares heat packs or ice packs, assists patients onto exercise equipment, monitors for safety, tracks repetitions, time and/or distance, guards patient performing prescribed exercises under the direct supervision of the Physical Therapist.
  • Demonstrates proper use of equipment and performance of exercise routines under the supervision of the PT.
  • Maintains clinic supply inventory by checking clinic stock to determine inventory level, anticipate needed supplies and notifying administrator of ordering needs.
  •  Supports administrative staff by providing occasional coverage for answering phones, scheduling/rescheduling appointments, processing copayments, general filing and other miscellaneous tasks.
  • Participates in staff education, meetings, and quality improvement programs for patient care and staff development projects as directed by supervisor.
  • Demonstrates teamwork, efficient multi-tasking and self-development motivation.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Minimum of a high school diploma required but strong preference given to individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree in health sciences, exercise physiology, or pre-PT.  Prior experience in PT setting helpful and interest in health care field a must. Dynamic personality with good verbal communication skills required. Broad sports background a plus.  Ability to spontaneously demonstrate adaptive strategies in order to successfully provide exceptional customer service. The PT Technician is specifically trained for all tasks expected and specific clinic duties will be supervised under the direction of the PT.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Continuously (c); Frequently (f); Occasionally (o); Rarely (r)

Lifting (f)                    Crouching (f)              Twisting (o)            Carrying (f)

Squatting (f)                Fine Motor Activities (c)                    Reaching (f)

Kneeling (r)                Bending Forward (f)   Pushing (o)            Crawling (r)

Sitting (f)                    Pulling (o)                   Balancing (r)            Standing (f)

Walking (f)                 Climbing (r)

HAZARDS:  Subject to possible sprains, strains, shocks or burns, exposure to infectious diseases.  Duties require extensive periods of standing, walking and stooping.

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Medical scribe?

Looking for a job after graduation?  Launch your medical career with a full-time paid medical scribe role with Scribekick.  90% of our scribes continue their careers in medicine after spending a gap year with Scribekick.  Gain hands-on clinical experience in a private practice during the normal work week.  As a scribe with Scribekick, you will receive comprehensive paid training in medical terminology and procedures, be matched with a physician based on your interests, and work directly with only one physician, resulting in powerful letters of recommendation and ongoing mentorship.  Apply today

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One-year master’s program in anatomy

Eastern Virginia Medical School provides a one-year accelerated master’s program in anatomy that serves as an excellent stepping-stone in many Pre-Health professional careers, along with students interested in academia careers and research.

In light of COVID-19, the Contemporary Human Anatomy Master’s Program will be extending applications throughout the month of May. Also, they are having a virtual “Meet the CHAP Program” event May 4th and May 5th, with the details on the flyer. Contemporary Human Masters In Anatomy

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Interesting Read…

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting Admissions: A Q&A with Anna Ivey, Admissions Consultant

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Graduating this spring or summer?


CHBS wants to recognize and honor your achievements with a showcase of graduates.  We are creating a video for the Department of Health Sciences with a screen featuring YOU! Your screen will include a headshot/photo of your choosing, your favorite memory or quote and a little more about you and your accomplishments at JMU.

Please complete this form by April 13th in order to be included in the video.

This does not replace any university plans for a future commencement ceremony but is intended to provide you with a special memento from CHBS.

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Health Sciences course requisites:

We will be using the course pre and co requisites in the system. The list is below. Unless you are graduating December 2020 or have extenuating circumstances, you must follow these requirements.

course: requisites:
HTH 100 none but may have to wait until open enrollment if you have already taken a cluster 5 wellness course
HTH 150 HS majors only
HTH 210 none
HTH 231 HS majors only
HTH 245 Prereq or Coreq of HTH 150 OR declared PHE concentration
HTH 255 Prereq or Coreq of HTH 150 OR declared PHE concentration
HTH 320 Prereq of Math 220 or COB 191
HTH 351 Prereq of HTH 231
HTH 354 HS/HP majors only
HTH 408 Prereq of HTH 320 and HTH 351 or Prereq of HTH 351 & declared PHE/HAP concentration
HTH 423 Prereq or Coreq of HTH 351 AND Prereq or Coreq of HTH 354
HTH 450 Prereq of HTH 320 and HTH 351 or Prereq of HTH 351 & declared PHE/HAP concentration

PSYC 250 is a popular course for the select 16 option. During regular enrollment it is closed to students who are not pre-pa, pre-pt, pre-ot. You can add your name to a waiting list during regular enrollment but that is it. They will not be offering overrides so do not contact psyc asking for an override. Once open enrollment begins, the waiting lists will roll and those on the waiting lists will get any open seats.

Psyc 101 and 160 are also popular from the select 16 list. If you have taken one of them but also would like to take the other, you’ll need to wait until open enrollment to add the course. Again, they will not be offering overrides so do not contact psyc to ask.

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Credit/No Credit option from the Department of Health Sciences

You have received information from the University regarding the option of completing courses this semester as credit/no-credit. Many have questions about this option.

This is information from the Department of Health Sciences, relating to your HTH major requirements.

In general, receiving a letter grade is preferable to the CR/NC option. If you are considering the CR/NC option, be sure to review the considerations included in the Provost’s announcement. Contact your advisor before making this irrevocable decision. Forms for this option do not need to be submitted until May 18th. It is highly recommended to wait until after grades are posted in May and have contact with your advisor before you decide on this option.

If you choose the CR/NC option, remember that at C-, D+, D, D-, and F (based on the points earned or percentages as defined in the course syllabus) will become an NO CREDIT on your transcript. An NC will not fulfill a graduation requirement. If you receive an NC in a required course, you will be required to take the course in a subsequent semester or summer.

Many students majoring in Health Sciences plan to pursue a graduate degree. Even those students who do not initially plan on going to graduate school, may change their mind in the future. Please consult the office of pre-professional health at JMU to discuss how the CR/NC option may impact your application to graduate programs. The PPH advisor listed on your mymadison is your contact for these questions. If you do not have one listed, contact

Remember JMU Graduation Requirements are: Completion of all requirements with D- or above or CR; major gpa of at least a 2.0 and cumulative gpa of at least a 2.0; 120 total credits with at least 60 credits from a four year college/university.

Regardless of the grading option you choose, remember that upper level courses build on knowledge and skills from earlier courses. Even if you choose credit/ no credit for a grading option, you are responsible for bringing the knowledge from this semester forward to the next.

We understand that this is a difficult time and hope that this information does help as you consider your options. Ultimately, it is your decision and we encourage you to do what you feel is best for your career path.


Department of Health Sciences

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